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CUE CARD Stage Magic Trick Applause Board Brad Manuel

Another complete sell out hit at FISM 2006 in Stockholm

Brad Manuel's Cue Card is a perfect addition to any act!

The perfect way to let your audience know when it's time to respond. When you want the audience to respond, just bring out your Cue Card.

Show a large plastic card with Applause printed on the front. Turn it around top show the word More! Turn it around again. Now the word Louder is printed on the front. Turn it around one last time to show the word Thanks!

This versatile card comes with the four changes above but also allows you to change the words or messages to whatever you want. For example you could replace the words above with your clients slogans and logos or just change the words to whatever you like.

* Comes with full instructions.

* This is not a cheap carboard item this is a professionally constructed PVC unit

SALE PRICE $88 + GST = (Approx. US$72) + $15 worldwide postage